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Contentverse Error Codes

Last Updated: May 06, 2015 10:17AM CDT
Desktop Client / General error codes:

0 NoError

-1 General Error

-99 Invalid Parameter

-199 Document Not Found

-299 Document not set

-399 Storage Server Inactive

-400 No Storage Location defined.

-401 Error Locating Parent Node.

-499 Invalid session or session has been terminated.

-599 Contentverse Server for the destination Room is inactive

-699 Document already locked

-799 Access Denied

-800 Login count exceeded

-899 Document Version does not exist

-999 Invalid AIP Component

-100 Failed to Authenticate user

-101 Client not found

-102 Not Allowed

-103 Error while delete node

-104 Error while delete document versions

-105 Error while set active document version

-106 No data found.

-107 Error while saving search
-108 Error while retrieving data.

-109 Invalid Document Reference.

Database related error codes:

-2 Database failure

-3 User does not exist

-4 Acl does not exist

-5 AclEntry does not exist

-6 AgentDocument does not exist

-7 Group does not exist

-8 Principal does not exist

-9 Node does not exist

-10 User does not exist

-11 Node is not a document

-12 Node is not a folder

Contentverse Server error codes:

-13 Contentverse Server Inactive.

-14 Server is exiting

-15 Server is not available

-16 Lost communication with the server

-17 Remote method threw an exception

-18 Runtime exception occurred

-19 No more license seats

-20 Parent Node does not exist

-21 Invalid principal Name

-23 Search Criteria not specified

-24 Lock Denied

-25 NotLocked

-26 Invalid Directory Type

-27 Get initial Context Failed

-28 Archive Failed

-29 Default Location Not Found

-30 Credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials.

-31 Document deleted

-32 Client has been connected

-33 Connections not allowed

-34 Contentverse Client and Server versions do not match. Contact System Administrator

-44 Error while loading native library

Backup , Restore, & Template error codes:

-701 Error while reading document info

-702 Error while creating parent node

-703 Error while creating document type

-704 Error while creating document

-705 Document already restored

-706 Index field already exists with mismatched properties

-707 No Document To CheckIn

-708 Cannot restore Read only backup set

-709 Document already checked out

-710 Unique Index Violation

-150 Cannot create template, signature do not match.

-500 Error while create Document Pages file

-501 Error while create cache folder

-502 Error adding page

-503 Document page files not found

-504 Document has no text

-711 Document type already exists with mismatched properties

-712 Document type is mismatch. Restore process cancelled

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