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Storage Server Inactive (-399)

Last Updated: May 06, 2015 10:17AM CDT
Error -399 indicates an issue with the client(s) communicating with the Contentverse Document Storage Server.

Fix 1: Confirm the Contentverse Document Storage Server is running and there are no errors for the DSS in the Contentverse Server Manager. If the DSS services is not running, the administrator must start the service and confirm it produces no error messages in the Contentverse Server Manager. If any errors do appear, review and troubleshoot those particular errors.

Fix 2: The ip address or host name for the DSS server has changed, or a firewall or nat device is between the User and the DSS server and is prevent the client from communicating over the DSS ports (default ports are 3000 and 3001).

1.) Confirm ip address and hostname are correct for the machine the DSS Server is hosted on.

2.) If Firewall is between User and DSS, verify ports are open on the in-bound side to the machine hosting the DSS (defaults are 3000 and 3001).

3.) If NAT device is between User and DSS, verify ports are properly forwarded / routed to the machine hosting the DSS.

4.) From the DSS Settings - offline dialog, check:
  • The Communication and Data ports are set correctly (defaults are 3000 and 3001, but your configuration may differ).
  • The Host: and Communication Port: entries are correct for the Contentverse Server (default port is 2000, but your config may differ.)

5.) From the Storage Management tab in Administator , check: a.Press the Storage Servers button.
  • Press the >> button.
  • Check the Server contains the correct ip address or hostname.
  • Check the Port contains the correct port for that DSS server (default is 3000, your config may differ.).
  • Press the Save button if you have made any changes.
  • Press the << button, followed by the Apply button.
  • Press the Close button.

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