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Document Not Found (-199)

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015 03:53PM CDT
"CVClient::getDocFile Document Not Found code:(-199)" appears when trying to open a document stored in a Contentverse room.

Error -199 indicates that the Document Storage Server (DSS) was unable to locate the physical file for the Contentverse document from the storage location. The most common cause of this problem is that the physical drive containing the Contentverse ImageStore is unavailable or the files have become corrupted.

To troubleshoot this, start by checking the logs. Use the Contentverse Server Manager (VSM) to review the logs for the Document Storage Server and Contentverse Server. In many cases the error message listed will describe the specific problem, e.g. .../543/ (No Such File or directory).

Select or limited Documents produce this error
If the problem only appears for a limited number of files, the likely cause is file corruption. With a corrupt file(s), the options are to utilize a tool to try to repair / recover the file (e.g. zipfix). If that fails, a working version of the file should be restored from back-up.

To locate a file in the Image Store you will need know the Document ID and the Storage Location.

Finding Document Id - In version 8.0 and newer, you can find the Document ID of a selected document in the Desktop Client using the properties pane, under the "General" tab. It is the number identified as "Id".

Finding Image Store Location -
The path to the image store can be found using any of the methods below

1.Listed in the DSS Settings dialog on the machine where the DSS is hosted.

2.In Administrator > Storage Tab, under Storage Servers.

3.Accessing the "Storage" table in your Contentverse Room Database.

All Documents produce this error:
If the problem is appearing for all documents in a room, the likely cause is an unavailable Image Store. This means the DSS cannot find or access the Image Store which could result from the Image Store folder being unavailable, moved, renamed, deleted, etc. Once you locate path, verify that the location is available and that the contents are accessible by the Document Storage Server.

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