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General System and Room Guidelines

Last Updated: Nov 05, 2015 09:49AM CST
Room (Database)
It is recommended that a Contentverse room (database) should contain up to 3 - 5 million documents. This keeps the database efficient and allows for adequate search and locate times. The flexibility of Contentverse System allows for multiple rooms to be created to avoid any possible performance issues.
We recommend that where the system will primarily be utilized in a business operational role that you have no more than 5 databases per Contentverse Server. For a system that is primarily used in an archive role and where the expectation is that no more than 5 databases will be active at any one time a larger number of rooms can be utilized on the same server.

As it relates to the room navigator structure, the shallower the structure the better the performance & usage, but best practices would indicate you should limit a Cabinet to 1000 drawers or less, a Drawer to 1000 folders or less, a Folder to contain 500 subfolders or less, and 5000 or less documents per folder.
As for navigator depth, for best performance, this should be limited to 5 levels or less (cabinet>drawer>Folder>sub1>sub2), with the number being smaller if a larger subfolder structure is present in the parent folder. The less elaborate the structure will result in better node expansion time. If the user intends to perform searches that are limited to a particular node (cabinet>drawer>folder, etc.), the expansiveness of the nodes beneath will directly affect search times and this should be taken into account when implementing the filing structure.

As for Document Types, best practices also recommend keeping the number of Index fields to between 6 - 8.  As the number of index values per document type increases over 6, the response time of searches may be affected.
For Networking deployment and system planning the following guidelines are applicable:
On a system level we recommend provisioning virtualized servers(s) and/or additional physical server(s) to enable scalability and distributed computing to optimize the performance of Contentverse Services and Database Engines.
For systems that are destined to hold very high volumes of data and/or document transactions, we strongly recommend that in order to meet your performance objectives, data volume and scalability, you should allocate manual or software assets to engineer your infrastructure for Response time, Throughput, Resource utilization and workload primarily focused on
  • Data storage – device infrastructure that store documents such as iops, reliability, redundancy, proximity, etc.
  • Network – infrastructure is utilized effectively in order to maintain high availability & transport of these documents.
  • Database engine – maintenance, high availability plans to improve performance
Should you have any questions or require further guidance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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