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Migating from one Contentverse server to another

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2015 12:11PM CDT
Contentverse components are N-tiered and agnostic in nature. This means that one database can talk to any server, and any server can talk to any database, client, Administator , etc. So for moves, migrations, etc. all that has to happen is the system needs to be setup to point to the proper components. For moving or migrating a Contentverse system from one server (with new sql server) to another, the following are the standard steps.
1. Shut-down all the Contentverse Services.

2. Backup the Contentverse Database and optionally take the live (old) database offline so no further changes can be made.
(NOTE: If database level [MS SQL or Oracle Level] encryption is being used, follow the database vendors best practices for backing up and restoring an encrypted database)
(Note: Only SQL 2005 and greater support backing up the Full Text Catalogs, you can opt to back this up or recreated them after the database is restored)
3. Backup the Contentverse image store so that in can be restored to the new system, alternatively you can directly migrate the imagestore from the Old Server to the New.
4. Backup the Contentverse license file located in the Contentverse Server\License directory.

5. If room encryption is enabled via the Contentverse Server Settings > Rooms tab. You will need to backup following registry key from the current (Old) server


1. Install the same version of Contentverse that was on the old server, onto the new server.

2. Restore Contentverse Database Backup into the new SQL server as a new Database.

3. Confirm the Full Text Index Population job is created and running, if not, create the appropriate full text population job. (If Full Text Search is used).

4. Copy over the backup Contentverse Image Store into the new Contentverse server (consider available space and growth when selecting location).

5. If any Contentverse Room encryption was utilized, restore the registry key file backed up per the back up steps.

6. Setup Contentverse server settings with all the new relevant settings including pointing to the license file, Connection & security for the new security server, Rooms pointing to the new SQL server & the restored db. (See Setup guide for complete details).

NOTE: If you restored the registry, there will be existing settings in some these fields that you may need to change.

NOTE: If a different Authority is being utilized (Active Directory, LDAP, etc.) , the new security will only be relevant if the users and groups from the old authority exist in the Authority. Otherwise security will have to be reset.

7. Using CV Server Settings > General tab, bring the room online.

8. Using the CV DSS Settings, change the Contentverse Server Host to listen to the new Contentverse Server (Host IP address and Port of new Contentverse Server).

9. Start Contentverse service & Storage service from Contentverse Server Manager.

10. Launch Administator , Under Storage Management tab, Select Storage Servers, Under Storage servers section, select the available name(s), expand using the >> button and update the server IP, Location to reflect the new server’s IP, imagestore location.

11. Confirm all components are point to the new server (IDX, ARS, DSS, DRS, etc.) using the respective settings dialogs.

12. Following Setup guide for creating registration files to allow the Contentverse Desktop Clients to connect to new server.

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